Coast 2 Coast garage door fitting

Retractable Garage Doors

'Canopy with convenience'

If you require a door in traditional style that can be automated then the retractable garage door is for you. No wires mean that the door is more stable and robust than the canopy type garage door. All double garage doors are of the retractable type that operate in an up-and-over motion.

More details....

A large proportion of the garage door swings outwards as it opens, and then slides away backwards horizontally into the ceiling of your garage. Pivot points are located at the top of the garage door, so you mustn't park too close as it opens.

Assisting spring assemblies are fitted to frames on either side of the garage door and tracks take the roller on the top of the door, while pivoting lifting arms hold the lower part of the door. The door fully travels inside the garage space.

We can supply and fit retractable garage doors in a wide range of materials and also make garage doors automatic - some examples are opposite.

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