Coast 2 Coast garage door fitting

Canopy Garage Doors

'Good value and wide choice'

With a wide range of attractive styles and finishes for all budgets, the traditional canopy garage door is the best selling type in the UK.

Canopy garage doors are mounted to a doorframe, and no tracks are required inside the garage. Pre-framed versions are available.

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The door brings the base swinging outwards as it slides upwards in sidetracks running along the frame of the door. Pivoting on side arms the top of the door starts dipping back until it completely levels off.

Approximately a third of the door protrudes outside when fully open, therefore taking up less room along the ceiling inside.  You can't park too close to the garage door, but you have more clear space available to you than if you were using a retractable door. Operation is spring assisted to aid ease of movement.

Please note that canopy garage doors are unsuitable for automation.

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